Trinity Park Tabernacle

The magnificent open-air Tabernacle was built in 1879. With its cast-iron arches and distinctive cupola, it is the heart of the Oak Bluffs Camp Ground. The Tabernacle holds weekly interdenominational services, hosts a variety of cultural events and each year serves as the site for the high school's graduation ceremonies.

80 Trinity Park, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557





Oak Bluffs

Upcoming Events

Graduation: MVRHS

Graduation for the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School's class of 2020.

6/7/2020 1:30pm
Grand Illumination Night

An annual tradition, the gingerbread cottages in the Camp Ground are festooned with colorful lanterns that are illuminated all at once after sunset. Dating...

8/19/2020 7:30pm

Recent Events

Zombie Bar Crawl


Community Sing


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Cindy Gianfrancesco

Cindy Gianfrancesco left a positive review 7/28/2018

So refreshing! Fabulous harmonies, great selection of music and fun entertainment. Not to be missed!

Cindy Gianfrancesco

Cindy Gianfrancesco left a positive review 7/23/2018

Nice way to start the day! left a positive review 8/10/2017

This place is awesome. The tour guides live there and are very knowledgeable and love sharing there history. A must do!

Kristine Kenison

Kristine Kenison left a positive review 7/20/2017

Fascinating area of climate change that has gotten little time on the stage. Now we know....let's do something about it....start on the personal level and grow it from there. Thank you to Dr. Holmes and your energetic and committed scientific team!
Also, a thank you to NSF for your support of this most valuable research.

A Gallery Martha's Vineyard

A Gallery Martha's Vineyard left a positive review 7/25/2016

The smartest man in the room ... thanks tmvff for inviting Noam Chompsky to the Vineyard.

Trinity Park Tabernacle

Trinity Park Tabernacle posted a photo 6/11/2014