Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center is a 791-seat auditorium located at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School. The Island's largest indoor performance space, the PAC is available for rental when not in use by the school.

100 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557


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Oak Bluffs

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Adrienne Powell

Adrienne Powell left a positive review 8/11/2019

It was excellent 🙌

John A Petty II

John A Petty II left a review 8/5/2019

Was entertaining. We are interested in maybe catching the series but not inclined to pay (much) for it as it very course and had genuine soft-porn scenes (as we deemed such, perhaps not for most);

John A Petty II

John A Petty II left a positive review 8/6/2019

Wife went for the FIlm Shorts, thoroughly enjoyed it...

John A Petty II

John A Petty II left a review 8/7/2019

The film itself was "interesting" as it admittedly it was a bit "deep" but nonetheless I will watch it as opportunity allows. An unfortunate side note...the "conversation"/interview afterwards was VERY disappointing. We (the Wife and I) normally stay and enjoy those but that evening, after "David Makes Man" the host was far too full of himself to really enjoy as it seemed to be all about him and his opinions. Hopefully he'll be be avoided in the future as we were among many who left during his discourse. Also, making the after-party an exclusive event for daypass and all-access pass holders was seriously elitist and very disappointing. That particularly detail convinced us to plan for less MVAAFF and more Comedy festival next year...

Linda D. Lewis

Linda D. Lewis left a positive review 8/3/2019

It was an outstanding and stimulating evening. The performers are quite talented and entertaining.

Alysha Norbury

Alysha Norbury posted a photo 7/18/2018

John Patrick

John Patrick 7/17/2017

I believe the Jimmy Tingle performance is on August 17, NOT July 17 as posted. See:

Martha's Vineyard Rentals

Martha's Vineyard Rentals posted a photo 8/3/2016

Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center

Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center posted a photo 6/16/2014