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60 Slough Cove Road, Edgartown, MA 02539

Everyone has a Vineyard story: A fishing experience and what it taught you, the loss of your favorite Vineyarder, a magical summer. Undoubtedly, you have a story to tell, but have you found the right medium to express it? 

Comics (or sequential art, more broadly) are a lively and powerful means of storytelling; precise combinations of words and pictures that can explain the hard-to-explain in ways that neither can do alone. 

In this new workshop, world renown comics educator and New Yorker cartoonist Paul Karasik (he/him) teaches the basics of comics language and guides participants in the construction of their own Vineyard tales into a multi page comic. 

Starting on Jan. 13, participants will meet once a week for eight weeks to learn the craft and workshop their progress. Topics include pacing a story arc, laying out panels and lettering, designing scenes and characters, and developing ideas into stories. Students will work closely with one another and with the instructor to cultivate a honest and collaborative classroom environment where work can be developed to its full potential. 

This workshop is limited to 12 participants and open to those aged 21 and up (as it is possible that adult themes and content may be discussed). The only required materials are paper, pencils and a stable internet connection. Classes will convene primarily virtually over Zoom and occasionally in-person at Slough Farm with an eye to safety. The course tuition is available on a sliding scale at the participants’ discretion.

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We will begin on Zoom and hopefully convene in person when possible. 

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