Eclipse Studio

Eclipse Studio is a 684 square foot studio space, with a petite lobby area, private bathroom, and landscaped outdoor space (seasonally available). 

The space is available for use and rental by all, including holistic practitioners, artists, educators, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Eclipse Studio opened its doors in late 2018 with more than 20 public and private classes and events offered weekly.

68 Lagoon Pond Road, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568





Vineyard Haven

Upcoming Events

Astrology Workshop: Lunar Nodes

Step into your chart and get out of your head. The Lunar Nodes are the invisible part of the Moon in your natal birth chart. The South Lunar Node represents...

2/23 12:30pm
Mindfulness Meditation

This series will be much more than just sitting in silence, annoyed and confused as to whether you are meditating or not. Jackson Van Raan will lead guided...

2/24 5pm
Holistic Fair

Open to the public. Affordable short sessions with practitioners across modalities; acupuncture, massage, chiropractice, zero balancing and more.

2/25 10am
Journal You

Group journaling promotes unique personal experiences in coexistence with others. It is a way to tune in and meet yourself where you are, while being...

2/25 7:30pm
Acupuncture Clinic for PTSD or Trauma

Do you experience difficulty sleeping, sudden outbursts/anger, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, emotional numbness, easily startled/frightened, trouble...

2/27 3pm

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Journal You


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