Sunday, March 31

Open Meditation

Come meditate with us. All are welcome.

Sunday Worship

Living Our Values - Laura Wagner, MSW. UU's value the seven principles which guide us as we navigate our life. As we work to confront oppression in today’s...

Community Luncheon

In the event of snow, if the roads are closed, so are we. The meal consists of a salad, a serving of lasagna, garlic bread, beverage, and something for...

Amp Jams

A chance to check out the space, hang out with awesome local artists, jam with friends and foes, or just chill, talk shop and admire our nifty stage and...

Drop-In Poetry

We read and discuss two or more poems from classic and contemporary poets, and then use those poems and models for in-class writing exercises. These sessions...

Shakespeare for the Masses

Romeo & Juliet, as imagined by Nicole Galland and Chelsea McCarthy.

Mini & Me Yoga

Fun for kiddos and their caregivers, too. Kids Yogamotion teaches the science of yoga to all-ages through playful, active and creative movement, games, music...

Concert: A Program of Russian Romantic Masters

All are invited to a spring concert featuring Music Street musicians. This concert entitled A Program of Russian Romantic Masters features duos, trios, and...

Open Pottery Studio

With Nancy Blank and Sabrina Kuchta. This is a non-instructional time for adults familiar with ceramics to work on their own in the Pottery Studio.

Mindfulness Meditation

This series will be much more than just sitting in silence, annoyed and confused as to whether you are meditating or not. Jackson Van Raan will lead guided...

Journal You

Group journaling promotes unique personal experiences in coexistence with others. It is a way to tune in and meet yourself where you are, while being...

Ballroom Dance

Come learn how to dance. All are welcome.

Holy Rock + Roll Revival

Brothers Sean and Griffin McMahon provide as much music as they do comedic relief on this feel good night. Prepare to be impressed.

Houses of Grace Island Winter Shelter

If you are homeless or just out of heating fuel and need a warm place to stay overnight or if you know of someone who is, spread the word. Island churches...

Sunday, March 31